Benaya Art Ceramics

Benaya Art Ceramics products are handcrafted by the highest skilled craftspeople at their guilds who possess a talent handed down through the ages.  These beautiful and unique artistic tiles are hand crafted, hand painted and fired with briliiantly colorful and complex glazes.  The Benaya collection of artistic wall plaques includes a great range of styles from subtle to dramatic.
The artistic process is extremely labor intensive.  The first step is to draw the image on the rough tile surface and then carefully apply the relief work, which creates the unique three-dimensional outline.  The ceramics are hand painted with several layers of glazes that enrich the textures and vibrant colors.
The tiles are fired in kilns for 24 hours at temperatures reaching 1000 degrees Celsuis (1800 Fahrenheit).  A full day is needed in the kilns to ensure that the artwork sets into the body of the tile, creating a permanent image that will never dull or fade.
The tiles are mounted onto a felt board with a hook, which allows you to easily incorporate them into your home decor.  With their unique textures and vibrant colors, Benaya tiles are works of art immortalized in stone.